Stop paying by credit card

We would like to inform you that the credit card payment service (Visa) is currently suspended for maintenance and modernization work. Currently, you can pay via Paypal service or direct bank transfer to the account.

8th Oct 2020
Close company headquarters

Because of the current conditions facing the world due to the spread of the new Corona virus, work has been stopped at the company’s headquarters until this pandemic ends, so the electronic work system continues throughout the time without specifying working times.     We are always happy to serve you   Accept our regards.   Read More »

4th Apr 2020
The service price will change

Cpanel decided to raise the price of its website management program, which means that the prices of licenses and servers will increase. As a result of this increase, the pricing of some hosting products will change from 15/8/2019. Our billing system will be updated to add the new pricing.

21st Jul 2019
20% discount coupon

Exclusive offer for new customers and existing customers:

20% discount on all new orders or renewal of pre-existing service. You can use the pre-pay discount code in the code-specific field, the code is from 10/7/2019 to 14/07/2019. Discount code below


10th Jul 2019
Change bank account data

Dear Customers:   Please note that we have changed the bank's previous bank account data and approved the new trading account approved under the name of Sunrise Hosting or SH HOSTING L.L.C. Please note the following during the receivables transfer process: 1- Bank Name: Bank Muscat 2. Account name: SH HOSTING L.L.C Account number: ... Read More »

10th Apr 2019
هام: يرجى عدم تحديث الووردبريس الى 5.0.2

عملائنا الكرام:    في الفترة الأخيرة ظهر تحديث جديد وهو الجيل الخامس لبرنامج الوردبريس الشهير. التحديث الجديد توجد به الكثير من الثغرات الأمنية مما يتسبب باختراق الموقع، عوضاً بأن التصاميم ... Read More »

30th Dec 2018
stop hosting forums

Dear Customers: We would like to inform you that as of 01/01/2019 the hosting of unlicensed forums will be stopped. Existing customers have to update the forum system to the latest versions that were issued at least in 2016. The hosting of the forums was stopped after studying the status of the forums, especially the public forums and ... Read More »

22nd Jul 2018
صيانة دورية للسيرفرات تشمل جميع الخدمات

يجري حالياً عمل صيانة دورية للسيرفرات الخاصة بالشروق للأستضافة. هناك توقع توقف الخدمة لمدة تتراوح بين نصف ساعة الى 5 ساعات كحد اقصى.  
عملاء السيرفرات الأفتراضية ايضاً يشملهم هذا التحديث. 

13th Jul 2018
متجر الكتروني جاهز للبيع

مرحبا      يتوفر لدينا موقع يحمل اسم تسوق من المنزل مع الدومين    السعر المطلوب: 100.000 ريال عماني شامل الاستضافة لمدة سنة والنطاق.  او مبلغ 60.000 ريال عماني بدون النطاق ... Read More »

1st Jun 2018
Update site performance in speed and responsiveness

We would like to inform you that we have been able to modify the performance of the site in the speed of browsing and in the speed of response orders. The new action increased response by 40%. Note this and that is the growth of the launch of the new identity of the company's website.

30th May 2018