Value-added application

  • Thursday, 15th April, 2021
  • 11:37am

Dear Customers:


Pursuant to Royal Decree No. (121/2020) decided on value-added tax, our services will include the following on value added:


1- Private servers


2- Virtual servers


3- Shared hosting


4- Domain registration and renewal


5- Registering and renewing the official Omani Mobility


6- Licenses for control panels and software


7- Other general licenses.




Services not covered by VAT:


1- Website programming


2- Mobile application programming


3- Website designs


4- General designs


5- Technical support service


6- Server protection and follow-up service


7- Consultations and other assistance


8- Modifications and additions to websites and applications.

This is because SH Hosting LLC is not currently registered with the tax authority, but because some of our services are bought or rented from suppliers who apply the tax terms, which is reflected in the price. Data centers, owners of domains, and Google services applied the tax to us from its first day, 04/16/2021.


This is for your information. Thank you for your cooperation with us

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