Price increase

  • 1st November 2022

Dear clients 

We would like to inform you about price increasing for VPS and Dedicated servers. Also the cPanel license got increased. 
We are always trying to offer affordable prices for our services. Shared hosting and other services remain the same. 
Thanks for your cooperation. 
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Removed all expired accounts.

  • 2nd September 2022




We have removed all accounts that expired more than 60 days. Some accounts cannot be restore again. If your website got removed by mistake please contact us ASAP. 



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Stop Payment by PayPal

  • 24th May 2022

Dear Customers:


We would like to inform you that we have suspended the payment gateway for PayPal, so you can continue to pay via credit card, bank transfer, or through the Thawani application.

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Company website maintenance

  • 23rd May 2022

Dear Customers:


We are currently doing a comprehensive maintenance of the company's website, adding some updates and features, and improving the user experience, so you may encounter some errors while browsing. Thank you for your trust in us.

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