Canceling the amount of the delay fine on the invoices

Dear Customers: We would like to inform you that we have canceled the amount of the delay fine for current and new invoices and will stop adding this amount in future invoices. This amount of RO 5,000 was added to the invoices that exceeded the payment stage.

31st Mar 2018
جوجل تعلن الحرب على HTTP

تنوي غوغل تصنيف جميع مواقع "HTTP" على أنها "غير آمنة"، بحسب ما ذكرته الشركة عبر مدونتها على الإنترنت.   وستبدأ غوغل تطبيق هذه الخطوة في النسخة القادمة من متصفح كروم 68 والذي سيتم إطلاقه في يوليو ... Read More »

10th Feb 2018
malfunction of the generators of the data center in France

There was a malfunction of the generators of the data center in France, which caused the servers to stop working. Therefore, the global data center is currently restoring generators and power back to servers. Note that the hosting servers hosted in Canada are operating normally and malfunction are located in the servers located in France.

9th Nov 2017
Maintenance for all servers

Dear Customers: We have also stated that our policy of updating servers or replacing them with newer servers is in November of each year. We will schedule to start working on updating all the servers owned by Sunrise for hosting. There will be a suspension of service for hours not exceeding 24 hours, God willing. The work begins on Thursday ... Read More »

31st Oct 2017
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